Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the Atomic Tiki throne

Here's the Atomic Tiki on his throne with his shrunken head of a bartender.


creehawk said...

Holy shit! Hey Nathan! Long time no see! Love your work! So glad to see you kept up with your art. I hope things went well in Seattle.

I found out you're still doing this from the SLLAG site, that you're one of the featured guests. :) Maybe we'll see you there. My kids were excited to see a wee comic con in the province and I thought I'd check it out for them.

We go to the one in Calgary, but they're interested in going to more. :P

Anyway ... keep up the good work, man! :)

Sharon Angus
(not that you'd remember me. lol Joe Angus' sister.)

Pencil of Doom said...

Hey Sharon, I am glad you like my work. I take my son to the Calgary Con as well, although I we won't make it this year. I hope to see you at SLLAG.