Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ZG Monkey Pencils

Another day, and another monkey.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Joe Zombie Cover

This is my other character Joe Zombie. This picture is a little older but I like the way it holds up

Mr. Robertson Pencils

This is a picture of Mr.Robertson one of the Antagonists in Zap Girl. He is in a street gang called the Grease Monkeys and is named after the Robertson Screw.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pin Up Cover

8.5 by 11
Photographer: Andrew Forbes
Model: Shira Morrison

I was using friends for reference photos when my Co-worker suggested that I ask the Director of Photography to lend a hand. So Andrew brought in a real camera and lights, Shira was great she brought a bunch of costumes and let us photograph her for a few hours. With these photographs I wanted to mock up old Pin-up girl covers with my character Zap Girl. This picture isn't quite done it needs the trademark space helmet, it just seems a shame to have to remove Shiras ponytail.

Zap Girl Credits

8.5 by 11
Photographer: Andrew Forbes
Model: Shira Morrison

Here is the layout for the inside front cover. I really liked this photo of Shira, very attractive but still very playful, just like how I picture Zap Girl. Red 5 has nothing to do with this product I was just using one of there comics when I was laying it out.

Zap Girl Silhouette

11 by 11
Photographer:Andrew Forbes
Model Shira Morrison

This Zap Girl image was influenced by Ralph Bakshi.

Atomic Tiki Pencils

8.5 by 11

Here is a pencil drawing of the Atomic Tiki. I did this pic for a friend for helping me out with the Zap Girl photoshoot.